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Start a DAO, create a token, build dapps and host assets with the full tech stack entirely 100% on chain.

Storage CostsCost of storing 1 GB for a year in a canister smart contract
$5 / GB / Year
Cost per InstructionCost per instruction when executing canister smart contact code
CanistersNumber of running canister smart contracts

ICP Demystified: Learn the Essentials

Explore the Protocol and Its Features with Our "Zero to dApp Educate Series".

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All devs, geeks, & tech fans welcome

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Developer office hours on Discord

Every Wednesday 9AM CEST and 10:30AM PST

RSVP at #event channel
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Bi-weekly developer SNS office hours

Every other Wednesday 5PM CEST / 8AM PST

Join on Zoom
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Explore coding, from beginner to pro, with our comprehensive guides, tutorials, samples, and API docs for Rust, Motoko, TypeScript, and Python

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Motoko docsMotoko

Get started with a high level programming language designed specifically for the Internet Computer

Go to Motoko docs
Rust docs for the Internet ComputerRust

Use Rust - a high performance and safe programming language to build high efficiency apps on Internet Computer

Go to Rust docs
TypeScript docs for the Internet ComputerTypescript

Azle allows you to build Internet Computer apps using TypeScript and JavaScript, the languages of the web

Go to TypeScript docs
Python docs for the Internet ComputerPython

Kybra allows you to build Internet Computer apps using Python, one of the most popular languages in the world

Go to Python docs
Solidity docs for the Internet ComputerSolidity

Bitfinity allows you to deploy smart contracts on the Internet Computer written in Solidity, a popular language for DeFi applications

Go to Solidity docs

Start your developer journey with Jessie

Work your way up to ICP Astronaut with this 5-level video series

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Hackathon Prep Course

Jump-start your Hackathon project by learning the ICP essentials

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Get started developing on the Internet Computer using frameworks such as Juno, which make deploying canisters on ICP simple and easy using a UI interface

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Juno docsJuno

Juno is a cutting-edge blockchain-as-a-service platform designed to enable developers to create decentralized applications at lightning speed

Go to Juno docs
Individual spotlight - Motoko software engineer

Dev Blog

June 17, 2024

Individual spotlight - Motoko software engineer

In this edition of individual spotlight, we sat down with Ryan from the Languages team, who contributes to the development of the Motoko programming language.

Quickstart Guides

Start deploying on ICP easily with our Quickstart guides for developers, tailored to your preferred language

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React docsReact

Start here if you're coming to the Internet Computer Protocol as a React developer

Go to React quickstart
Juno quickstart docsJuno

Get started with Juno, a blockchain-as-a-service platform

Go to Juno quickstart
Contribute to the
Internet Computer

Help us make the docs better

These docs are a community effort. Create a PR if you see mistakes, room for improvement, or new opportunities to help IC developers.